The founding companies already have a strong track record being the main drivers of this new international trend. Through appearances on global events and a multitude of viral videos, they generated immense public interest worldwide. By developing exciting and meaningful new products, these companies now act on a global market while their founders are sought after experts and though  leaders.

FWB merges real sports and gaming in the physical world. With their first product interactive SQUASH, the Munich based startup already transformed the classic sport of squash into a immersive gaming and training experience enabling operators all around the globe to grow their audience and make smart squash courts highly profitable.

Their latest product MultiBall is a platform based interactive wall which is used in multiple sports as well as in education and retail. With more than 30 applications and an open marketplace, MultiBall combines physical exercise in the real world and a digital platform approach to run the sports of tomorrow.

Icaros revolutionizes the way people exercise and play. Their products blend training, gaming and social competition to create exciting and effective exercise experiences for fitness clubs, hotels, and in leading orthopedic and neurologic therapy facilities.

The first consumer model, ICAROS Home, was launched in 2018 – in combination with ICARACE, a global online multiplayer platform for VR e Sports, connecting pilots around the world.

In 2020, ICAROS launched also their fitness device ICAROS Cloud in combination with the exercise app ICALETHICS: The next dimension of home fitness.

Sphery unifies the best of the fitness and gaming world in one product – the ExerCube.

With their award-winning mixed reality game environments, they transform physical training into a maximally motivating and effective body & brain workout. The combination of research-based functional training sets, customized game designs and a unique adaptation algorithm enable any user to experience their individual flow.

The Zurich based startup is shaping the future of (e)sports, fitness and rehabilitation, and makes a physically active and healthy lifestyle fun and accessible for everyBODY! 

Valo Motion creates groundbreaking active experiences that empower people to find the joy of movement. Their movement tracking technology turns sports equipment like climbing walls and trampolines into immersive digital experiences where players feel to be a part of the game. 

Pioneering products ValoClimb & ValoJump are full-service sports attractions for daily active fun, but also a perfect platform for events and challenging competitions. Valo Motion is based in Finland, but it operates in 60+ countries with 300+ locations and more than 45.000 daily players enjoying active sports worldwide.


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